Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday, November 8, 2010

Trying to get back into it

OHH boy, so i have been avoiding the "blog" because i am so, so, so behind. But i just realized that I dont have to go back and try to fix this i can simply go on as is nothing happened... But just for fun here are my excuses for not posting in well six months.
1. I got married, did the whole thing pretty much by my self lots of help from family and friends but weddings are stressful..
2. Im now married to a farmer, if you know a farmer you know summers are very busy add a wedding and a few bridal showers and it becomes crazy!
3. life just happens so darned fast sometimes its all you can do to just keep your head above water.
4. I have a full time job and work on the farm come on now i dont usually get home until about 9pm.

So im now married, have a new last name (which i love!) and am working on starting our family. Phew.

Some of the wonderful events that happened since my last post.
1. baby goats have been born on the farm, they are so amazing to watch grow and it all happens right behind my house.~
2. Got to see my extended family for the first time in YEARS.
3. Got MARRIED to the man of my dreams, had the most amazing wedding and honeymoon where we spent ten of the most meaningful days of together in paridise.
4. Got to spent lots of time with my sister in law and her three little ones, really loving the role as Aunt Alice.
5. had a wonderful/boutiful harvest from my first garden.
6. Got to enjoy flowers from same garden.
7. butchered a steer (bruno) and have tons of meat in my freezer.
8. Brother in law got married.
9. Got to see my parents!
10. Got to spend time (no where near enough) with great friends from near and far.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The chicks are in jail!

its amazing it has only been a week and they are about 1/3 bigger.
Ricks fire pit for the smoke house
Getting rocks for the pit

I love my kitchen, especially when its all clean for guests!
Jenn i hope your happy i took these pics for you<3

Living roo, ahh the sun is so nice!
The bedroom through the double doors is the master bath.
View of the back side of the house from the back yard
This is taken from the pasture pond

Monday, April 26, 2010

new stuff

This is our chick set up. We were going to keep them in the basement but it was too cold on the cement.

Rick and Randy checking the goats

The nannys enjoying the day we have 14 in this pasture, we have a billy pasture right next to it. with five billies in it. (we also have 26 babies and four sheep in seperate pens. )

We have been stocking our pasture pond that we dug last fall. Should be good fishing!

This is Rusty, he is the first ever goat born on West Street Dairies.! he is so tiny!

Friday, April 9, 2010


So lately we have been rushing around in our free time (haha free time on a farm!) landscaping, on easter we spent the afternoon working on getting our garden area cleaned up and buidling our firepit for the smokehouse rick is building. afterwords we had a small fire and kicked back.

It was a beautiful day! Where rick is with the skitsteerer is where my garden is going to go in, its a old compost pile so the soil is ultra rich!

We basically carved the dirt and made it do what we want. ! Its gonna be a very sweet set up when it is all done.

Milo figured out an excellent spot to sneak attack from, the pant legs of my coveralls.!

Monty and rick on the fourwheeler. monty will bring the four wheeler mouthfulls of food and set it on the ground in front of it. the ungreatful 4 wheeler never eats it.

Milo is the king! he will sleep anywhere, its cute but a bit of an "issue"

Monty of course prefers to sleep on the couch or the bed

There is so much light in the new house my plants LOVE it~

So in the lower part of this picture is where the garden is going to be. stay tuned and ill put more photos up as the space progresses!
Bluebell, Louanne, Donny and Hamlet enjoying the day

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

its been too long

As you can see its getting to be spring at the farm, my father in law randy picked up this little lamb (lisa) at a sale for free. She is so fun. Rick and I this past weekend went to a goat farm in addison and picked up eight baby goats. Lisa the lamb and tank the baby billy listen to life lessons from alice

feeding lisa

lisa and kit get to know each other, its amazing how accepting the barn cats are of my little projects pets.

lisa gets comfortable with rick

So living on the farm is amazing, i feel like i am finially home. I am far less stressed since moving out here, something about looking out windows and seeing mountians, feilds and all of gods creatures! Its just great.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Excuse the mess, but here is some photos of the new house!

Little Milo is so happy when i unpack boxes, monty loves tolook out of the door and bark at the cows!
Looking south from the master bathroom

Corner shower unit in master bath
Tub in Master bath. Notice the flooding in the fields out of the window.

Minou taking a break from looking out the slider to pose
looking north through the kitchen

Guest bath

My office
Guest room

Living room
Living room, Yes we have bunny ears hooked up to the flat screen! Gotta love vermont public television!
Everybody is so happy
Especially Monty he has a 30 foot dog run and just loves to be outside

Our GEORGOUS ceiling fan in the master bedroom